VR Environment at BEIL, Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability, FIU

Visualization, Informatics, Technology, Automation and Learning sciences

Welcome to the VITAL Construction Research page. VITAL stands for Visualization, Informatics, Technology, Automation and Learning sciences. The focus of the research is to leverage emerging technologies to enhance construction management by optimizing resources while also maximizing safety and quality. Examples of research areas that lie under V.I.T.A.L are as follows.

  • Visualization


    Virtual and Augmented Reality, Data Visualization, Knowledge Mapping

  • Informatics


    Building Information Modeling, Real-time Information Exchange, Big Data Analytics

  • Technology


    Real-time tracking, Mobile and Cloud Computing, Spatial sensing

  • Automation


    Automated Assembly, Home Automation, Automated Resource Optimization and Safety Monitoring

  • Learning sciences

    Learning sciences

    Training and Education, Outreach, Science of Learning