Subedi, S., Pradhananga, N., Carrasquillo, A. and Lopez, F.
The 53rd Annual Associated Schools of Conference International Conference, Seattle, WA, April 5-8, 2017.
Publication year: 2017

In recent years, several developments have been made towards improving construction methodology and equipment used so as to facilitate better construction environment and create safer working sites. Yet there always remain repetitive construction tasks demanding heavy physical performance from the workers, seemingly safe at the time of performance but eventually causing musculoskeletal disorders. This research explores an approach to monitor the postural behavior of a subject during a lifting operation and provide personalized feedback to the subject to encourage ergonomically safe lifting technique. Posture was measured by tracking subjects with a Kinect camera. The joints were extracted from the skeleton and ergonomic analysis was performed on the extracted lift data. OSHA offers a guideline for safe lifts but does not provide a quantitative technique of analysis. This method also puts effort to device a way to quantify such guidelines for a given scenario. The main and final goal of this study is to leverage virtual reality as a personalized learning environment in which the subjects can interactively learn about safety from their own data as well as their peers.